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Meet Donna

Holistic Nutrition / Wellness Coach



Training & Certifications

Integrated Nutrition Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Nutritarian Education Trainer -  Nutritarian Education Institute 

Certified Aromatherapist - Aromahead Institute 

Skincare Consultant - Neal's Yard Remedies 

Makeup Artist - Robert Fiance Hair Design 

Esthetician - Gorgeous by Glam


​Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance

National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)

Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA)

Are you guilty of putting yourself at the very bottom of the list? Have you been meaning to start a diet or class but just never seem to get to it? Do you feel unmotivated and stuck? It’s not too late to get back to the real you - I can help! 


My story may be familiar to you: 

  • I raised two very active sons, care for a hard-working husband plus a yellow lab (who at 10 still thinks he is a puppy). 

  • I developed health problems - high blood pressure from gaining extra pounds, my IBS became IBD/SIBO, I struggled with anxiety and claustrophobia. 

  • I felt like I wasn't being heard by my doctors and wasn't interested in a prescription. 

  • I knew what I should be doing but I wasn't doing it; it was frustrating and often depressing.

  • I realized I was way overdue for "me time". 


So what does a multi-tasker do? They educate and empower themselves! 


In the past several years I have:

  • Devoured books, courses, and research on wellness platforms. 

  • Cut out products with harmful ingredients, learned how to read labels, and cut through marketing claims. 

  • Become certified in plant-based nutrition, aromatherapy, and continued sharing my love of organic skincare with others. 

  • Become a certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach from IIN, and learned numerous dietary theories and self-care techniques. 

Check all that off my to-do list! 

After working with busy women I saw common issues that could be prevented or remedied with some good guidance and support. Maybe you already know what you should do but you just need someone to give you that encouragement. Poke around my site and let me know what you need. I am here for you!




I Can Help You


Green Goodness

They say our gut is our second brain. If you are dealing with digestive disorders, I can help.


A common problem for busy gals, fatigue is a serious issue. Let's get to the root of it.


Cleansing can be beneficial when done correctly. Everyone is different though. Let's find one that works best for you.

Women's Health

So you have been busy caring for others and putting yourself last - very last. Well, I am here to help you make yourself a priority. Let's get you back on track.

Weight Loss

Those stubborn pounds are annoying and nothing seems to work. I can help.


Taking on too much leads to a host of stress-related issues. Let's learn to manage your stress.


Services & Workshops